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Accompanying Change

Because the universe is wide, and you may come from anywhere else on the globe... I would be more than happy to accompany you through this journey towards your goal, towards yourself, in English if it's more comfortable for you.  

Coaching for adults, teens

Did you ever want to make changes in your life, and realised turning them into actions was far more complicated than you expected? Does it ever feel like you keep getting stuck in the same situations over and over? Do you have a hard time starting or achieving a task? How come changing is so difficult even when we really want to? We all struggle with different problems ( repetitive patterns, reactions to stressful events, emotional triggers, relationship difficulties...), and we can change this by understanding how we work and where thoses behaviours come from. The human brain is incredible in itself, but magic happens as we are all different and handle things differently and feel differently. We each have our own and inherited beliefs, our own and iherited fears... Together we'll find your way of working. Let's put some sense behind it , accept it and let go of what is no longer necessary so you can walk on your own path and achieve your goals. 

With my sensitivity,  multiple experiences (professional and personnal) and  knowledge in neurosciences and behaviorism, I will accompany you through change towards your goal. As Jacques Salomé said "Changing is not becoming someone else, it's becoming who you are and accepting it.". 

If you read the other pages of this website, you will find out more about my story and my way of coaching.  

You need more informations?

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone, I would be happy to answer your questions.

06 19 25 09 16

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